Nanogen Nanofibers Review

Nonofibers is a hair loss concealer that is said to be the ’30 second hair transplant’. Fibres made from keratin (the natural substance that real hair is made from) bind firmly to your existing hair electrostatically, adding ‘hair’ to your hair. This product is available in 10 natural colors, unlike most other concealers that are [...]

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18 Months Using Propecia

The following video is what I consider to be the best hair loss video ever self made only because of the reason this guy in the video documented his hair loss treatment through 18 months, this is the longest time of documentation I have seen. Before and after pictures are common, but you will not [...]

This article was posted on December 10th, 2009 in Hair Loss Videos, Propecia Reviews

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5 Common Baldness Cures

Following is the 3 parts video that follows 5 men over a period of 6 months (two of them are twins). Each man got a different baldness cure. 1. Minoxidil — FDA approved over the counter medication 2. Laser Comb — FDA approved laser therapy device. 3. Propecia — 1mg finasteride /day, FDA approved. 4. [...]

One Year Results Using Generic Propecia

The bald truth is that generic Propcia works exactly like original Propecia, the only difference is the brand name and the price (generic Propecia costs 80%-90% less). In this short video you can see a guy who recorded his progress through a 1 year period. In the beginning he is heavily balding, it seems like [...]

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