My name is John, and I have decided to write a blog about hair loss and baldness which is one of the growing plagues of the modern world.

Most men and lots of women will suffer from pattern baldness in some stage of their lives. Hair loss, thinning hair and baldness cause a lot of suffer and agony to any person who face them . It dramatically harms your self esteem, and changes the way you look – and feel. Full hair is a sign of youth, health and beauty and who else wants to lose all these?

My story is simple, I had a great hairline up until few years ago. I thought that since I have crossed the age of 33 with full hair on my scalp I’m immunized.

One day I woke up into a new reality…

When I realized I’m losing my hair (took me some time to accept that) I decided I will do everything I can that is reasonable to cure my baldness process, and that if I succeed I will share what I know with others. Today, after few years of reading, testing and consulting with experts in the field there’s a lot I can share with you.

There are many websites about hair loss, but only few will provide you with vital, objective and complete info about hairloss, how to stop it, how to regrow hair and how to keep healthy hair & scalp. Hence, and bases on my own experience and knowledge, I’ve decided to open a blog that is designed for folks who are looking for real answers, and that just like me when I just started – want to know their options, in terms of treatments and products.

There are literally hundreds of hair loss products and treatments in the market. My vision is to create a comprehensive data source on hair loss, so that anyone who experiences hair loss will be able to find a solution that fits his/her preference and budget.

I’m not a doctor, and I advise you to consult with your doctor before any action you take regarding your hair loss. However I allow myself to advise you to learn about baldness, and start treatment immediately.

You are reading these lines for a reason. I assume you have joined the statistics… (or the club) but prefer to keep your hair on your scalp. That’s also my own goal – find the best hair loss treatments & cures and maintain full healthy hair.

And yes – there is a cure for baldness. Hair loss does not stop overnight (same for regrowth), but if you are consistent, patient and decisive then your chances to get results skyrocket.

I’ve made a huge progress, now it’s your turn.

Truly Yours,


P.S. – Feel free to contact me anytime, I’ll be glad to help.

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