The Effects of Aloe Vera on Hair Loss

Since centuries ago, people had been using Aloe Vera, a short stemmed plant native to Northern Africa. It is about 90 cm tall. With thick leaves which are grayish green in color. It’s actually considered an herb which is most often utilized to heal wounds.

Because of its medicinal value, Aloe Vera can now be found in a variety of skin care materials like soaps, lotions, moisturizers, sunscreens and even shampoos. The Aloe Vera extract is also very useful in preventing loss of hair. It is good for hair and scalp.

Believed to be good for the hair and scalp, it is best applied directly on any part of the scalp. If done every day, this is supposed to encourage hair growth. Aloe Vera has a gel like substance and when applied to the scalp, it should restore the pH balance to encourage the hair to grow. The same gel like substance from Aloe Vera is also used to treat itchy and oily scalp and it is also good to use for dandruff.

This traditional way of using Aloe Vera to treat hair loss is a safe and sure way of hair rejuvenation. It is also cost effective as you can plant Aloe versa and it is not difficult to grow them. It is all natural so you are free from side effects. With frequent use to wash hair, an Aloe Vera based shampoo will help prevent hair loss.

There are some studies linking the efficacy of Aloe Vera use to Seborrhoea. When sebum mixes with dirt and eventually forms a crust, the condition is called Seborrhoea. As it afflicts the skin on the head, the crusts may possibly interfere with proper blood circulation. This will prevent the skin on the head to get the nutrition it needs and this can trigger hair loss leading to baldness.. Sebum is a natural oily substance secreted by hair glands, but if the hair glands produce excessive oil plus the combination of other substance, this can lead to some hair follicle infection. When you have Seborrhoea which is also a mild bacterial disease, the scalp becomes red and itchy and hair starts to thin and be fragile. Stress, fatigue and hormonal changes can also trigger the glands to produce excessive sebum.

Aloe Vera’s ph balancing property can limit the excessive sebum production. When this happens, it will trigger the renewal the follicular cycle. It helps the scalp return to a physiological balance. Most effective if used right after you notice the first sign of excessive hair loss. Aloe Vera gel or the thick gel like substance may do wonders if applied correctly. A minimum of two to three months should be observed prior to getting any substantial positive result. The dead hair follicles will continue shedding but will now be replaced by new growth.

Through the constant use of hair products containing Aloe Vera, your hair should soon start to grow. It will be shiny and healthier. There are commercially available Aloe Vera shampoos but you can also make your own. Mix about a spoonful of regular shampoo and twice the amount of Aloe Vera gel into a bowl and mix well. This is all natural and should be of great benefit to lessen hair loss. If you do not have an Aloe Vera plant, you can also buy from stores selling all natural products and it is best to ask for 100% stabilized Aloe Vera gel.

As you continue to use the all-natural Aloe Vera gel substance from the plant, you should still seek professional advice. It is best to consult a specialist just to be on the safe side that there is no debilitating illness causing you to lose hair. Ample rest and a well-balanced diet will always play a big factor leading to better chances of recovery.

This article was posted on October 7th, 2012 in Oil Treatment for Hair


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