Hair Rebonding and Hair Fall

You’ve always dreamed of getting shiny long straight hair. As a child you felt envious of the other girls with long straight hair. And now you are very happy as you finally found a solution for your curly hair. The salon said shiny black straight hair can now be yours with Hair Rebonding. Whew it definitely cost quite a lot so this must be something really good. From the onset, when you saw that advertisement by the window, you know that whatever the cost is, you are going to have your hair straightened with Hair Rebonding procedure.

What will it cost you? Well you should save up enough money to have hair rebonding done. On an approximate you will pay about $200USD and may be a bit lesser if you have shorter hair and it can up to as much as $350 if you have longer hair. You should also take into consideration the cost of hair maintenance products after you have hair rebonding done. You need to buy hair masks, hair conditioner, hair laminates and whatever needs to be used to maintain the shine and straightness of your newly rebounded hair. But are you aware that there is one hidden cost and are you ready for that? This hidden cost is something that none of those who convince you to get the procedure done will discuss. I am talking about hair loss. So you reckon you are ready to lose a lot of hair? I don’t think so.

Hair rebonding is a rigorous hair chemical treatment procedure which involves a lot of things. The procedure takes a minimum of 5 hours and a max of 8 hours for long hair.
• First is they wash your hair with mild shampoo. This is done to get rid of any oils that might affect the procedure. Next is they blow dry it. So you can just imagine that after your hair is still wet, they force the hair to dry.
• Your hair will be divided into different section to get it ready for hair rebonding. A strong solution of cream relaxant is applied on the hair and this is done from roots to strands. This is repeated until all the strands have been treated. This will be left on the hair for about an hour. Warning! If it’s left too long on the hair, it may lead to hair damage. This will then be rinsed and again your hair will be blow dried.
• The hair technician will then iron each group of strands and this can be very painful at times. I had the same procedure done before and I ended up with bits and pieces of my scalp burned! The hair straightening with the hot iron rod is painful enough so think about getting your skin burned. Yes it does not happen all the time but it certainly does so why take the risk.
• After ironing the newly rebounded hair, the hair technician will again wash it and apply a hair neutralizer to ‘set’ the newly rebounded hair. As if you haven’t had enough, it will again be rinsed after 30 minutes with cold water.
• Once dry, another set of ironing will happen. The whole hair rebonding procedure promises to give you a new look, they will iron your hair until your hair is so straight and shiny that you will step out of the salon with hair looking like a super models.
• One very important thing to remember, you cannot take a bath for three days after your hair rebonding procedure. This is supposed to ensure that your hair will be well set so as not to have curly hair again.

While the procedure is going on, you will notice that a lot of hair keeps on falling. Some of those who have tried the hair rebonding procedure complained of constantly falling hair. It’s even a joke to say that the amount of hair fall is almost enough to cover another head. This is because the chemicals applied to your hair plus the grueling nearly 6 hour’s procedure to have hair rebondng will attempt to alter your hair’s natural condition. Based on common observation and some studies, whatever kind of chemicals applied to our hair can lead to hair damage and this can lead to hair fall. The hair shafts weaken so the hair is prone to falling.

One would say that we apply chemicals like gels, hair spray and hair color so why blame the chemical for hair rebonding? Well if you are having your hair chemically treated and you get it manhandled for about six hours, what do you think will happen? So think well, research and consult a specialist if you are really amenable to losing hair as long as you can get straight hair with hair rebonding treatment.

This article was posted on September 16th, 2012 in Baldness in Women, Hair Loss Causes


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