Childbirth and Hair Loss

Childbirth is one of a woman’s most awaited events. After nine months of carrying a child in her and bringing it into life, this is the best time to relax and enjoy herself and the new baby. But what seems to be a happy event can turn into sorrow once the new mother observes that she is suffering from hair loss.

Some women experience hair loss after childbirth. Due to some hormonal changes, the hair enters the resting phase which is called telogen. About three months after the baby’s birth, the new mother may notice that large amount of hair is falling off. This usually gets resolved but the hair loss may last from anytime between three to six months. Soon after that the body recovers from the hormonal changes of pregnancy, the hair will gradually start to grow.

Pregnancy and childbirth may cause iron deficiency. This can also result to hair loss. When a person or specially a new mother does not have enough iron in their diets, hair loss can occur. Same thing with menstrual periods, this can also be a factor to deplete iron. So better yet take iron supplements or see your doctor to correct any nutritional deficiency.

There are other factors that affect hair loss too. Some women take birth control pills soon after giving birth. The hormonal changes caused by hormonal pills can trigger the onset of the Androgenic Alopecia. Especially for those women who may have previously experienced loosing hair at any point in her life should inform her medical doctor prior to taking birth control pills. Other birth control option can then be recommended if the doctor is aware of her hair loss condition.

After a woman gives birth, the new mother will have to take care of the new baby. She will spend sleepless nights. Lack of ample rest can also trigger hair loss. And if she is breastfeeding, chances are she may not have enough nutritional intakes which will be enough for her and the new baby. As we all know, insufficient iron and protein may trigger hair loss. The best way to resolve this temporary problem is to get help either from your partner and other family members. Remember that you might not have fully recovered yet from the nine months that you were pregnant and also with the grueling experiences while giving birth. It is best to take time to have ample rest and to make sure that you eat nutritious foods and fruits. This will ensure that you have enough nutrients and vitamins for your body and also for the baby. If breastfeeding, bear in mind that you are still basically eating for two, the same thing prior to childbirth.

As much as the new baby brings joy and happiness to the new mother and to the whole family, let us not forget that this can be a stressful time especially for the new mother. Each baby is different so whether you are a new mother or this is your third child, the baby’s sleeping pattern and eating habit differs. Some baby does not sleep very well and when this happens, the new mother will not have sufficient sleep too. The baby wakes up and if she still have chores to do, the new mother may just get stressed. Hair loss occurs to quite a number of women right after giving birth due to stress induced factors.

One very important factor that we should not forget is postpartum depression. This psychological condition affects women right after childbirth. This is a condition that if left untreated or addressed may lead to some serious effect on the new mother. Aside from the psychological effect of postpartum depression, it can also affect her physical condition. Hair loss after childbirth may be observed when the new mother is afflicted with this condition.

Yes no one can say what will really happen after childbirth but we can prevent or if not at least lessen the impact on the sudden change of having a child. Planning is the key. The new mother must carefully plan how she will take care of the baby, the things she will have to eat, and even the people she wants around her once she comes home after childbirth. This will lessen the stress after childbirth which might trigger her hair loss.

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