Baldness and its Psychological Impact on Men

Hair loss can occur at different stages in a man’s life. Some experience as early as late teen and some are lucky enough to start losing hair by the time they are in their late 50s. Well you can’t exactly call that lucky but at least it’s better than having a ‘bald hair day’.

Baldness can either be genetic or maybe caused by outside factors which affect the production of hair. It often starts with gradual hair loss until it thins out to nothing.  Given the choice, nobody wants to lose their hair. For women, it is called as their crowning glory. For men, it signifies virility and youth. Without hair, some may feel insecure and incomplete.

Psychological impact varies, some men eventually accepts the fact that they are doomed to lose hair and start to seek alternative ways to either cover it up or have the condition treated.  Initially their self-esteem might suffer because it is not easy to be bald. At times, even society is not too kind to those who have lost their hair. This can be intentional and at time unintentional but we must accept the fact that it is somebody else’s reaction to something that they do not understand.

The main thing to consider with getting bald is to look at the facts and examine them. It is highly important to get checked by a professional to determine whether the hair loss is due to a genetical disorder or if it something that is affected by chemical, medicinal, and emotional factors. Once this has been addressed, it would be easier to get treatment options. Remember that you are not only treating the patient for hair loss and baldness but you are also going to address the issues surrounding his baldness. It is highly important to address the psychological impact that men feel when they get bald.

The psychological impact of male hair loss varies greatly, with some men boldly embracing their hair loss and even shaving their heads to others who struggle with loss of self-esteem and confidence as a result of their hair loss. The good news is that there are proven non-surgical and surgical hair loss treatments available. Because hair loss is a progressive disease, early diagnosis and intervention is the key. There are medical treatments that can prevent shedding or slow male hair loss in its early stages.

Living without hair can be very challenging even for a person who is emotionally stable. Gradually the impact will slowly sink in. Right from the start of the discovery that you are shedding hair, it is already a stressful situation. The sad thing though is that still there are doctors who do not understand that hair loss is something that is medically alarming. They only look at hair loss per se but seems to ignore the psychological distress that it causes a patient.

Let’s face it, culture dictates that if you are young and in good health, you must be having a full head of hair.  That can be really harsh for a person who experience baldness either because of some medically related issues or due to genetics. The best thing to do when you feel the psychological impact of being bald is to seek help. Tell your family and friends what you are thinking of. Tell them how you feel. If this is something genetic, learn to slowly accept the fact but be ready to face a new lifestyle without hair. Only through acceptance and by addressing the issues surrounding your baldness can you recover from the psychological impact of being bald.

So stop thinking that baldness is the end of your youth and desirability. Do not let the psychological impact of losing hair further impact you.

This article was posted on September 23rd, 2012 in Baldness Basics

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