Are You Heartbroken? Be Ready for Hair Loss

Being heartbroken is one of the saddest things that can ever happen to a person. Though this is just a phase and we all tell the person that they will recover even before they know it, we all know that it is easier said than done.

Based on some studies done, a person’s emotional state of being affects his daily activities. If a person is depressed or devastated, the person will have some difficulty functioning normally. His state will affect the way he interacts with others, the way he thinks, and even the amount of sleep and food intake. His emotional state plus everything that is happening as a result of his being heartbroken leads to stress.

Emotional stress is unavoidable when a person is heartbroken. A lot do not know that this can cause hair loss for some people. Often times they do not even relate hair loss to the recent incident of being heartbroken as the hair loss condition sometimes occurs three to four months after they experience the stressful phase in their lives. It is a temporary period though as once the person has recovered, the hair gradually grows back. As long as the person is not afflicted with some genetic disorders or androgenic alopecia, the hair loss condition will be corrected on its’ own.

However, if the heartbroken person is predisposed with genetic or androgenic alopecia, then that is a different story. This occurrence of hair loss which may have been triggered by emotional stress could eventually make his hair condition worse.

Here are some factors why a person who suffers heartbreak experience hair loss.

Change of outlook.

Being heartbroken gives the person a lot of stress this can lead to a more stressful situation and that is hair loss. If you are just loosing between 50-100 hairs a day, then there is no need to get stressed. But if it is beyond that, this is something that you should definitely look into. The sudden change in lifestyle and daily activities can also alter hormonal levels.

Loss of appetite / Lack of sleep and rest

The person refuses to eat and rest. With poor appetite and disposition, the body will not get enough nutrients and sustenance. Since the body gets deprived of food intake and proper diet, soon enough this type of unintended body abuse will show results. The person gets so stressed that the result manifests into something that will further depress him or her. Slowly, the person either loses weight or gain weight. The sudden change shocks your system into producing an unexpected action.

Nutrient Malnutrition

With poor food intake, the person can develop protein malnutrition. This can lead to loss of iron and protein. These are two very important nutrients affecting hair loss. It is best to have the person tested in the laboratory to correct any iron deficiency. When protein gets depleted, it transforms the hair growing phase into rest mode to conserve protein. When this happens, massive amount of hair can be observed to fall off. You can test this by trying to see if the hair can be pulled out easily from its roots.


A person who is heartbroken may get very depressed and possibly need medical intervention. Some prescription drugs will be prescribed to lessen occurrence of depression. However, some medication especially those that are associated with depression may cause temporary hair loss in a small number of people.

Other people manifest various kinds of illnesses when depressed. Some are getting skin rashes, sudden hyper acidity attacks and even to the extent of losing hair. This is temporary though but as long as the person is aware of what is actually happening, things should go back to being normal. Get professional help and check out your options. Perhaps loosing hair will be the wake-up call that is needed to help the person get hold of his life.

This article was posted on September 20th, 2012 in Hair Loss Causes


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