Perfect Image Men’s Premium Minoxidil & Azelaic Acid

Perfect Image is a new premium minoxidil product that contains both powerful follicle stimulant (minoxidil 15%) and DHT inhibitor (azelaic acid 5%). Formally known as “Perfect Hair Solutions”, the maker of this product have changed its name to Perfect Image Solutions. The product belongs to a category of advanced anti hair loss products for men that contains the highest minoxidil concentration, together with DHT blocker to ensure super-strength and optimal results. This product is professionally formulated in a FDA certified Lab to ensure safety, purity, and premium quality. Perfect Image minoxidil products contain only high-purity pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and must meet rigorous quality control specifications before they are released.

How it Works

Clinical studies have shown that higher concentrations of minoxidil result in a significantly increased amount of hair regrown compared to lower concentrations. In a study conducted, the 5% minoxidil had 45% more hair growth then the 2% minoxidil in a 48 week trial. This is the same for the higher 10% and 15% strength topicals. The higher concentration help to recruit excess miniturized hair follicles not attainable from lower concentrated minoxidil products. Perfect Image topical minoxidil has also shown to be effective in treating hair loss on the entire scalp including the frontal areas, while Rogaine’s 5% clinical trial has only shown to be effective on the crown (vertex) area.

Azelaic Acid is a common DHT blocker and has been proven to be a strong inhibitor of the enzyme 5-AR which is a by-product of testosterone, the male hormone. The scalp produces an enzyme known as 5-AR. When 5-AR reacts with testosterone, it is converted into DHT, which then binds to receptor sites on the scalp. This is the primary reason for pattern baldness. Azelaic acid also has the ability to normalize improper growth of skin cells lining the hair follicle, leading to a reduction in the amount of hair shed on the scalp.

The solution is enhanced with Retinol (Vitamin A Derivative),  that was found to work synergistically with Minoxidil and enhance its penetration while regulating scalp DHT levels through proper functioning and moderation of the sebaceous glands.


$35 for a 2 oz bottle. This is the price level for all brands that sells 15%+5% similar solutions.


Good product, gets excellent reviews by users. The idea of enhanced minoxidil solutions in not new, it had began with Xandrox years ago but today more companies are making such solutions for affordable prices. These type of products are very popular, as the regular 5% minoxidil does not always provide good results by itself for men with pattern baldness (simply too weak for some folks) and since it does not contain DHT blockers and efficient carrier that can allow fast and effective absorption.  Products such as MinoxidilMax, Spectral DNC and alike are a new generation in the evolution of minoxidil based, anti hair loss products, and are sold in growing amounts online.

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