Toppek Hair Fattener Review

Toppek Hair Fattener from Spencer Forrest is a leave-in cosmetic solution which is using an innovative nutrient delivery system that actually adjusts to the hair’s PH in order to open the hair shaft and allow an infusion of body-building Keratin protein. Once the protein-charged formula is absorbed into the hair, the shaft is then “closed down” to seal in the thickening proteins. According to the company, Toppek Hair Fattener contains the highest concentration of pure Keratin protein of any Spencer Forrest hair care product. The overall effect is fuller head of hair, and some users need less hair building fibers to achieve their full-looking head of hair. This product is also known as “Toppik Hair Fattener” is some online stores, because Toppik is a the most popular brand of Spencer Forrest that most people know. This product is not designed to grow hair, it has a similar goal as hair building fibers, it should make thinning hair look fuller and healthier – naturally.

How to Use

Use Toppek Hair Fattener daily to see a steady, continual increase in your hair’s volume and thickness. With Toppek’s clean rinsing formulation there is no unpleasant build-up. The hair is will actually feel cleaner, look shinier and be easier to comb and style.


A 4 oz tube costs only $13, and lasts for about 2 months. That’s only $6.5 for fuller and thicker hair!


Great product, just like all other Spencer Forrest’s top quality products for hair loss. Spencer Forrest offers some of the most popular hair loss products in the world, including Toppik hair fibers, XFusion, X5 Laser Comb, COUVRe Masking Lotion and more, all sold for affordable prices. When it comes to hair loss concealers Spencer Forrest is the largest company in the world that brings the widest collection of products. Toppek Hair Fattener is like no other product in the market, its a Keratin cream that makes your hair look and feel at its best.

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This article was posted on September 15th, 2010 in Hair Loss Concealer Reviews

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