MinoxidilMax Review

MinoxidilMax is a new company that develops minoxidil based hair loss products, and is dedicated to providing more effective and economical solutions for pattern baldness. MinoxidilMax minoxidil-based topical products are said to provide faster hair regrowth, and achieve fuller and thicker hair than other hair loss products. The company offers only products that contain minoxidil, the only FDA approved topical hair regrowth solution, from 2% to 15% concentration with/without DHT blockers / inhibitors.

MinoxidilMax Products

All products are topical and arrive in 60ml bottles. There are 3 brand names for MinoxidilMax products:

  1. Dualgen – Minoxidil (15%, 10% or 5%) + Azelaic acid 5%. These products are similar to the Dr. Lee’s Xandrox products.
  2. Essengen – Minoxidil only, in 4 concentrations – 2%, 5%, 10%, 15%.
  3. Lipogaine – this is the innovative product the company offers. It contains minoxidil 5% plus DHT blockers (not just Azelaic acid), vitamin complex and liposome vehicle.


MinoxidilMax are the cheapest Xandrox-like products in the market.

Dualgen products cost $18-$22 per bottle ($18 is the 5% minoxidil, $22 is 15%)

Essengen products cost $12-$18 ($12 is the 2% minoxidil, $18 is the 15%)

Lipogaine costs $31.

MinoxidilMax vs Xandrox

Basically these products are the same in terms of active ingredients, but MinoxidilMax is simply cheaper. Xandrox products used to be a sole player for years and set high prices, but companies like MinoxidilMax are now changing the rules. It offers similar hair loss products for half the price comparing to Xandrox – hence enjoy a growing popularity amongst hair loss product consumers.

Lipogaine is MinoxidilMax most advanced product, it reminds a mix of 2 products: Xandrox 5% (5% minoxidil+5% azelaic acid) and Spectral-DNC or Min New York Agent (all contain DHT blockers, vitamin complex & liposome vehicle for better scalp penetration).


The best value for money for minxidil+azelaic acid products. Much cheaper then Xandrox, hence affordable especially for people who avoided Xandrox products because of their price. Lipogaine is an interesting product that worth a closer examination, it’s not materially cheaper then similar products such as Spectral-DNC (only few dollars less) but still it combines minoxidil & azelaic acid with saw palmetto and fatty acids, all in one product which may be a potent hair loss solution.

Bottom line – yes,  this is a great product line that you can afford. The main problem with many hair loss products is their price, that holds many folks back from even trying them. MinoxidilMax solves this issue, now anyone can use this minoxidil based complex.

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9 Responses to "MinoxidilMax Review"

  1. ficioglu says:
    July 23, 2010 at 17:26

    I like lipogaine. Easy to use and excellent results

  2. big kg says:
    August 7, 2010 at 01:57

    Did anybody use its Essengen-5 without propylene glycol? Does it really stop itch caused by the regular 5% minoxidil (such as Kirkland)? My scalp gets more and more itchy recently. I am planning to give it a try.

  3. DM says:
    August 7, 2010 at 14:05

    i think that the main cause for itch is this propylene, i used kirkland for years and always had scalp issues form mild irritation to heavy dandruff and redness. the moment i began to use minoxidil foam my life changed – no more itchiness and probs. the foam is pg free, so is Essengen-5.

  4. Topi K says:
    August 29, 2010 at 06:56

    These guys are doing a fantastic job. 3 days from US to Netherland. Haven’t seen this before.

  5. hajjar says:
    September 3, 2010 at 23:43

    Love the price and quick shipping. It arrived on turkey in less than two weeks if I remember correctly. Hair are healthier and loss is much less now, started to see some small new hairs now.

  6. Chris says:
    December 22, 2010 at 10:42

    Lipogaine is the best. Period.

  7. Eric B says:
    March 28, 2011 at 21:20

    How do we know if there is really any minoxidil in the product? I worry that a strictly eBay/Amazon/Paypal seller is a phony as they could continually change pay accounts.

    They sell the 15% without a prescription which I thought was against the law which furthers my concerns?

  8. admin says:
    March 31, 2011 at 21:32

    minoxidil is sold without prescription, this is an over the counter generic product. only the 5% is approved, but it seems that there is no enforcement against stronger products.
    if you buy from a reputable seller (all amazon sellers are, ebay sellers with high ranking are etc) then you buy a real product.
    BTW – Dr. Lee’s website is no longer active, the FDA had shut it down, check it out http://www.minoxidil.com

  9. Rock star says:
    September 2, 2011 at 23:04

    Love their Dualgen-15 NO PG. It worked way better than Rogaine that didn’t grow a single hair after more than 12 months of using it. I have noticed a lot of regrowth after 3 months on DualGen-15 NO PG.

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