Bao Shi Mens Hair Vitamins

Bao Shi for Men Hair Vitamins are a mix of vitamins, minerals and chines medicinal herbs. The product also contains saw palmetto, a natural DHT blocker.

The product is designed for men in any age, and is supposed to help promote thicker, stronger hair. As you will soon learn, what special about this product is not its nutrients, not even its DHT blocker – but it’s unique herbal blend.

Bao Shi Mens Hair Supplement Ingredients

According to the manufacturer, its unique blend of medicinal herbs combined with nutrients make Bao Shi for Men Hair Grow Vitamins work so well. A close look at the ingredients list uncover many great nutrients, but nothing you can’t find in other natural hair loss products.

Ingredients include Vitamins B3 and B6, biotin, zinc, and saw palmetto. Vital for your hair and overall health, but only the saw palmetto is a DHT blocker that helps against pattern baldness.

The only ingredient on the list that is different then other hair supplements is the “Bao Shi Proprietary Blend” – traditional chines medicines:

  • He Shou Wu (polygonum multiflorum) – One of the most important Chinese rejuvenating herbs, it is also very popular in Ayurvedic medicine. Studied and used in China for the purpose of restoring thinning hair and for its anti-aging properties. He Shou Wu is also recommended for treatment of deficient kidney and liver function.
  • Han Lien Tsao (eclipta prostrata) – Called “ruler of hair,” it is the main herb used for rejuvenating graying hair in Ayurvedic medicine. Used for promoting hair growth and restoring hair color.
  • Fu Ling (poria cocos) – Important herb in Chinese pharmacopoeia, used to enhance synergistic effects of whole formula.
  • Di Chien Tsao (hydrocotyle asiatia) – One of the most important medicines in both Chinese and Ayurvedic tradition. Long reputed as a potent longevity herb and brain tonic, used for hair loss and anti-aging. Studies have shown that it improves cerebral microcirculation.

Bao Shi Mens Hair Vitamins Price

The price for 120 capsules is about $25. You should take 2 capsules per day so it’s enough for 2 months. This price is considered affordable, allowing you to try it without spending too much money.

Bao Shi Mens Hair Vitamins Conclusion

This is a unique product as it mix nutrients and saw palmetto with chines medicine herbs. We know that saw palmetto works for lots of men, as its a DHT blocker, and we also know that nutrients are important but can’t stop pattern baldness, the main question is does the herbal blend can help. If you are looking for hair vitamins for men, and if you believe in chines medicine, it can be a great option to try.  In my opinion, natural hair loss products such as Provillus for Men are much better as they focus on DHT blockers, but it’s for you to decide.

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