Minoxidil 5% for Women

If you’re a woman who is using minoxidil or thinking of using it, ask your doctor if you can use minoxidil 5%.

The “minoxidil for women” is currently sold is pink packages, and “for women” is printed on such packages. Take for example Rogaine 2%. On the other hand “minoxidil for men” are 5% and the package is black of blue.

The thing is – it’s just for marketing purpose.

When Rogaine launched it’s 1st minoxidil in the 80′s there was only one version – the 2% that was designed for men. Women were not intended to use it. Then, research had showed that women also benefit from minoxidil, and that minoxidil 5% is much more effective then 2%, and safe just like the 2% version. At that point Rogain got FDA approval for the 5% version, and made a marketing change – 2% was re-branded as women’s baldness cure, and the 5% was branded as men’s baldness cure. When it came out with Rogain foam, it was branded as a men’s baldness cure (Men’s Rogain Foam) just because it’s 5%.

In fact, minoxidil 5% is X2 effective comparing to the 2%, which makes the 2% obsolete. So why do so many companies still market 2% for women?

1. Marketing purpose – define between men and women, and create 2 markets istead of one. This allows 2 brands and different pricing for each brand. Women’s minoxidil is more expensive usually then men’s allows the manufacturers gain more profits.

2. Side effects. I’m not taking about skin irritation. The idea is to prevent hair growth in other places other then the scalp, specially in the sideburns. The thing is there is no proof that women suffer from this rare side effect more then men, and it’s a fact that this side effect pass fast upon cessation of treatment.

3. Texture. Men’s minoxidil is more oily. Women’s minoxidil is more refined, taking into account women’s long hair. The thing is that today there is minoxidil foam 5% that is not oily and dries very fast. It allows you you style your hair easily.

As you can see, these reasons why women should use minoxidil 2% and not 5% are not based on solid facts. In fact the opposite is true, women can and should use the 5% to see much better results. Do not be surprised if a new “minoxidil 5% for women” will appear in the market, just like you can find minoxidil 10% and 15% for men (usually mixed with Azeliac acid). Such an upgrade is just a matter of time and the only reason I can think of why it’s not yet released is marketing considerations, it’s hard to sell a new brand that is basically the same as minoxidil for men. It is also not easy to educate that 5% is better after pumping the 2% as the women’s hair loss solution for so many years.

If you are using minoxidil 2% without seeing improvement consider using minoxidil 5%. You can pick the minoxidil foam which is easier to use. When it comes to your hair what matters is effectiveness and not marketing considerations.

This article was posted on December 11th, 2009 in Baldness in Women, Minoxidil Reviews

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