Generic Propecia vs Original Propecia

Propecia is a proven medicine for hair loss and one of the best baldness cures. Propecia is manufactured by Merck who’s patent on Propecia expired only in 2013, so currently no other company in the west can manufacture generic versions of this popular medication.

But still, in the east the rules allow to copy any medication. India is the #1 source of generic medications in the word which are very popular in the west thanks to their cheap price and high quality.

Generic Propecia is manufactured by many Indian local pharmaceutical companies and distributed in the east. These companies can’t distribute generic Propecia directly to the western world as Propecia still holds the patent, so they do it through the internet, using dealers who manage online pharmacies (not real pharmacies, these are actually online stores that sell hundreds of medications manufactured in India, including generic Propecia).

The Differences Between Origial & Generic Propecia

  1. Original is manufactured by Merck – a global company, generic Propecia is manufactured in India by almost any local pharmaceutical company. You may heard of Cipla and Dr. Reddy’s, who export many other generic medications to the west (which are not patent-protected).
  2. Original Propecia is protected under patent valid till 2013, generic Propecia is manufactured in India where the western patent laws are invalid. According to the law in India any medicine can be copied into a generic version.
  3. Generic Propecia is very cheap. You can save 80%-90% comparing the original.
  4. You can buy generic Propecia only online. Patent laws prohibit commercial import of generic Propecia, therefore you can’t get it anyware else.
  5. Propecia requires a doctor’s prescription. Generic propecia is purchased online without prescription.

What are the Similarities?

  1. Both are sold in 1mg tablets
  2. Both contain finasteride
  3. Both are medications
  4. Both work the same, the difference you can notice is just the brand name

Where to Get Generic Propecia

There are hundreds of online pharmacies (not real pharmacies, but online shops that calls themselves pharmacies) that offer generic Propecia. Most are scams that sell fake drugs, other sells real generic medications for exaggerated prices. In most cases you will not be able to contact the seller, even when contact form is offered – they simply won’t answer your emails.

Only few website are reliable, and the #1 is It offers the cheapest prices online together with 24/7 customer service, refund policy and many benefits. You can get one year supply of generic Propecia for $133, that’s $0.36 per pill and free shipment worldwide.

Generic Propecia vs Original Propecia Conclusion

If you care about the brand name, get Propecia. If you want to save up to 90% on original Propecia – get the generic version online (Finpecia for example, manufactured by Cipla). You will get the same results in both cases. The reason is that both contain the same active ingredient that is clinically proven to stop hair loss and help promote hair regrowth – finasteride 1mg.

Buy generic Propecia!

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