Dutasteride for Male Pattern Baldness

Dutasteride Capsules

Dutasteride (or Dutas) is the most powerful anti-baldness medication for men, but it may come with a price of side effects and still is not formally approved as a hair loss medication. Originally, and just like finasteride, it’s main purpose it to treat prostate enlargement in men. Men who used it and their physicians notice a side effect of noticeable hair regrowth, which led to studies that proved it’s effectiveness.

Unlike finasteride that reduces only the levels of the enzyme 5AR type II, dutasteride reduces types I+II, results with significant decline in the DHT levels. The medicine is not officially approved for hair loss, but still, men all over the world use it as a strong baldness cure.

Dutasteride Details:

Generic Name: Dutasteride

Brand Names: Avodart™ (GlaxoSmithKline)

Other brand names: Dutas (Generic by Dr Reddy’s), Duprost (Generic by Cipla), Dutagen (Generic by Ranbaxy)

Dosage: 0.5mg / pill/ day

Availability: Prescription Medicine, you can get it online without prescription.

FDA Approval for Avodart™ : November 2001

Who Can Use Dutasteride?

Dutasteride is for men only. Women should not use it from the same reasons they should not use finasteride (fetus defects + low physical and hair response). Users must not donate blood to prevent pregnant women from receiving dutasteride – including 6 months after stopping use.

Should You Use Dutastride?

Consult you doctor first. Men with certain medical conditions or who are using other medications should not use it. Take into account that side effects for using this drug are about 3 times more then Propecia’s finasteride.

Dutasteride Side Effects

Same side effects as Propecia’s – but in higher probability and intense. In 2002 GlaxoSmithKline conducted a phase 2 study for the drug, but had to stop her study for unknown reasons. Most speculations claim the reason is the number of side effect occurrences, which was too high. In 2006 a new study was conducted in Korea, but up until today GlaxoSmithKline haven’t revealed its findings.

Dutasteride Studies

There is a famous study that compared the effectiveness of finasteride vs dutasterid, and its impact on the DHT levels in the blood.

5 mg finateride reduced 70% of the DHT levels, by reducing the enzyme 5AR type II, while 0.5 mg dutasteride  reduced over 90% of the DHT levels by reducing both 5AR types I & II.

On the other hand, dutasteride users suffered more from side effects, and their blood’s testosterone levels were higher (less testosterone converted to DHT).

Should You Pick Dutasteride as Your 1st Treatment?

It’s better to start with finasteride, the FDA approved medication for male pattern baldness (Propecia or its generic versions). Dutasteride may be used in cased finasteride has no impact. Dutasteride is a potent DHT blocker, stronger then Propecia, but with more side effects, so it’s better to seek an expert’s advice before using this potent medication.

Where Can You Get Dutasteride?

There are 2 options:

1. Get a doctor’s prescription – the problem is to find a doctor that will agree to give it, as it’s a prostate medication.

2. Get it online without prescription, you can get generic versions of Avodart (as well as many other generic medications) in 4rx.com.

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4 Responses to "Dutasteride for Male Pattern Baldness"

  1. Don says:
    June 7, 2010 at 10:56

    avodart/dutas is the extreme way to get your hair back, it works where other treatments fail
    i know that for fact. propecia and other treatments didn’t work for me except slowing down my hair loss, so dutas was my last resort. i decided to give it a try before i give up and shave my head
    After 6 months on the pill my hair is back in the vertex and improving in the front. also shedding stopped. don’t start with this drug unless nothing else works for you because of the side effects (luckily i don’t have any)

  2. Dave says:
    June 8, 2010 at 23:42

    thinking of moving on to dutas
    i hate looking in the mirror and see my hair dying
    i’m a bit afraid of the side effects but hope i won’t get any
    had no prob with propecia which helped to slow down things but didn’t stop the process

  3. Andy S. says:
    June 21, 2010 at 23:05

    it did save my hair and grew back 70%-80% of it
    had hair so thin it was a matter of few more years till i’m totally bald – which was unacceptable
    dutas is the best DHT inhibitor for baldness

  4. Fonzi says:
    June 22, 2010 at 11:44

    Ok, I ordered 180 caps and will take my chances with it. It’s a good deal as they give you additional 20 caps for free, and the shipping is also free.

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