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Dr. Richard Lee is a famous American dermatologist who like many other experts made a business out of hair loss. He have designed some popular baldness cures and sells them through his website. His fist Xandrox products have been released to the market in 1999. Dr. Lee claims that the incentive to establish and organize Regrowth, LLC emerged from his personal experience with male pattern baldness.

Dr. Lee’s Xandrox is, at least one paper, a very aggressive hair re-growth formula. It contains both minoxidil (follicles stimulator) and azelaic acid (DHT inhibitor) making this topical formula stronger then the average minoxidil 5%. According to the ingredients, this products should work better to promote hair regrowth and better help keeping the hair you have and stop hair loss. All Xandrox products come in 2 oz (60ml) bottles, with 5% azelaic acid and different levels of minoxidil (from 5% to 15%).

Xansdrox Ingredients

Dr. Lee’s Xandrox is characterized by the mix of minoxidil and azelaic acid. There are different formulas for this specific product that contain higher concentrations of minoxidil (for example you have Xandrox 15-Plus that also includes finasteride).

How to Use Xandrox

All Dr. Lee’s products are topical. They may come in different forms including serums, foams, or creams. Each will have a different set of instruction on how to use and all will require you to apply the product directly on your scalp. Nothing special about that, it’s exactly like applying regular minoxidil once or twice a day.

Xandrox Price

Dr. Lee’s Xandrox costs $32 for Xandrox 5 (60 ml) and up to $94 for Xandrox 15-Plus (125 ml). Xandrox products should be used once daily.

Xandrox Side effects

Most side effects attributed to Xandrox are local. Azelaic acid & minoxidil may cause itching and irritation in the scalp (a common side effect of most topical products). Xandrox 15-Plus includes low dose of finasteride so finasteride side effects may be relevant as well, although I have never read about them in the context of topical use (and there is no proof that finasteride used topically works).

Dr. Lee’s Products Warning

Women should be careful using products that includes anti-DHT ingredients and get expert advise before doing so. It is strictly prohibited for pregnant women or women who plan to get pregnant.

Effectiveness of Dr. Lee’s Xandrox

Some users report a substantial improvement in hair thickness including hair re-growth. The thing is the same happens for people who use regular minoxidil. Of course, some users gain no results whatsoever. The mix of Xandrox should help with hair growth, as well as thickening and retention of existing hair and some of the Xandrox products are propylene glycol free and less greasy than other minoxidil topical products (however minoxidil foam has the same benefits).

Dr. Lee’s Xandrox – Bottom Line

Overall, Xandrox products  are an effective baldness cure, but their main problem is that may be more expensive comparing to some similar products. If you want a cheaper solution – simply use minoxidil and azelaic acid cream that you can buy separately. The best option is to get a product which is similar to Xandrox (same ingredients) and sold under the brand name “Hair Solutions” or “MinoxidilMax” on Amazon. Take for example Xandrox 15% plus. This product contains minoxidil 15% + azelaic acid 5% for 125 ml bottle, while Hair Solutions similar product costs $25 for a 60 ml and MinoxidilMax $22 for 60 ml, that’s about 50% of Xandrox 15 price.

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3 Responses to "Dr. Lee’s Xandrox Review"

  1. matt says:
    June 14, 2010 at 03:34

    just felt worth pointing out that the XANDROX 15-PLUS at $94 is for a 120ml bottle compared to the standard 60ml bottles usually supplied. Therefore if used twice daily eg 2ml it is for 2 months usage – so not as expensive, in fact at the strength of 15% minoxidil most suppliers incl Dr Lee say on their instructions you only need to apply once daily eg 1ml.
    I speak from experience as i have ordered from a number of sources

  2. admin says:
    June 14, 2010 at 11:47

    Matt thanks for your input, I double checked and it’s actually 125ml but still more expensive then brands such as MinoxidilMax

  3. Tim says:
    January 4, 2013 at 19:09

    i’ve used gen-hair’s 15% minox/5% aa at $75 for two 100ml bottles and the results were spectacular…price beats anything i’ve seen.

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