Advecia Review

 Advecia is a male pattern baldness cure which is made by Progressive Health, a US company that specialized in all-natural, herbal supplements for various categories of health and wellness. Advecia is actually a supplement that reminds Provillus for Men and Procerin, as it includes some of the same ingredients. The main ingredient is Saw Palmetto and fatty acids that are potent DHT inhibitors. It also contain potent anti-oxidants and high concentration of proteins. Advecia’s unique mixtures of natural ingredients is said to improve the effect on the hair follicles, helping to stop hair loss & promote hair regrowth. Advecia belongs to the group of natural supplements, that are considered to be the natural replacement to hair loss medications (Propecia & dutasteride) thanks to there ability to block DHT.

Advecia Ingredients

Saw Palmetto Extract 4:1 (Serenoa repens) (fruit) 37.5 mg, Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis) (leaf) 600 mg, L-Arginine 1500 mg, Phytosterol Complex 125 mg, Beta Sitosterol 50 mg, L-Lysine 600 mg, Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vininfera) (seed) 265 mg, Proanthocyanidins/Procyanidins 250 mg

Saw Palmetto Extract and fatty acids – This extract of the fruit of Serenoa Repens contains rich fatty acids and phytosterols. The main use of this herbal remedy is in treating prostate enlargement. In addition, there have been studies showing positive results when used for male pattern baldness.

Phytosterol extract- Is an active component of Saw Palmetto. A powerful fatty acid that is a potent DHT blocker.

Beta-sitosterol - One of several Phytoserols (fatty acids) and Saw Palmetto component. It is also a DHT blocker.

Green Tea Extract – Green Tea can be found in various hair loss products as it contains Polyphenols (Vitamin P) – basically antioxidants you can also fine in red wine, which according to studies have anti aging effect on the body and is used by many people to keep good health. It may also help against baldness as it also have an anti inflammatory effect. The process of pattern baldness is usually followed by scalp and follicles inflammation, and reduction of inflammation may relax the area and hinder the process.

L-Arginine and L-lysine – Amino acids (proteins). Proteins can be found in many foods, and are the basic component of the cells. They are very important for the hair as well.

Grape seed extract – Found in many hair loss products both topical and oral. The idea is similar to the green tea.

Proanthyocyanidins/Procyanidins – these are  green tea and grapes Polyphenols – potent anti oxidant.

Advecia is focusing on 3 groups – antioxidants, proteins and fatty acids.

Advecia Side Effects

Advecia is a natural baldness cure just like any other herbal oral supplement. There haven’t been reports on side effects using it, but it’s always advised to check the ingredients of the product in case you may be allergic to any of them. Fatty acids are the herbal replacement for the synthetic finasteride, and many people choose the natural products to avoid side effects.

Where to Purchase Advecia?

You can order Advecia in the company’s official site and get the discounts the company offers. One container includes 30 servings = 1 month. Dosage is 4 capsules daily and one container includes 120 tablets.

Advecia purchase options:

1 container – $57
4 containers  (25% discount, 3+1 free) – $171
6 containers  – (33% discount, 4+2 free) – $228

What I like about this product is that it comes with 180 day money back gaurantee. No other product in the market provides such a benefit (the max is 60-90 day). That means the company is very confident about its product, and most importantly – that allows to try Advecia risk free for 6 months!

Advecia Conclusion

Advicia is an all-natural hairloss treatment for men with male pattern baldness who are seeking for a good alternative to synthetic medications. It is made by a reputable company and contains a good complex of DHT blockers, proteins and anti-oxidants. It is also considered to be a popular hair loss product. The  money back guarantee of 180 days makes Advecia an attractive bargain – you can simply try and pay only if it works for you.

Click here to  order Advecia!

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